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Turan Audio is a professional independent audio mastering facility in Oxford, UK.


We get the best from your music to create great sounding, optimised, balanced and coded files, DDP or CD masters ready for manufacture.

Our exacting standards, experience, high-end equipment, personal attention, dedication and efficiency are what make us unique.

"mastered exquisitely by Tim Turan - I can't imagine a better job and I highly recommend his work"

Graham Parker

"Great mastering is about having great ears and all round musical sensitivity, Tim Turan has both"  

Sam Williams (producer)

"The remastering is so good I feel like I'm listening to a whole different, better, record now."

Wattie Buchan

(The Exploited)

"It's better than good!"

Ginger Baker's comment on the mastering of his album 'Why?'

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