Session Notes - CD Business, Metadata

Greetings noisemakers; last month I looked at how to prepare your files ready for mastering. This month I will address the thorny problems of Metadata: the stuff that isn’t music but is essential in identifying your music and ownership across the wide marketplace. This is relevant for anyone releasing material digitally and that of course includes the good old CD. The CD format, apart from the area on the disc that contains the music, also contains an area known as the subcode. This subcode can contain a variety of information pertinent to the release. In the not too distant past CD masters were delivered to duplication plants on CD-Rs (Compact Disc-Recordable). Today they are delivered by a

Session Notes - CD BUSINESS

Tim writes a monthly column for Oxford's Nightshift magazine: Hello people, and in particular musicians and artists who make music for public consumption. I’m Tim Turan, mastering engineer at Turan Audio Ltd. In the following months I shall be dealing with technical issues regarding the final production stages of making music for release on a wide variety of platforms: CD, vinyl, cassette tape, download and streaming. I thought I’d start off with what is still the most popular format for physical release: the CD. The CD is not dead, but the enduring choice for musicians and artists who believe in high fidelity sound. Of the 400 titles I cut last year over 90% of them were physical releases,

The Ruts 'The Crack'

Celebrating 40 years since this seminal album was first released, The Ruts today released Tim's remastered version. We were honoured to have Segs and Ruffy in the studio back in August 2015 to oversee the work.

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