Session Notes - The Vinyl Frontier (Part 1 an introduction)

Leaving the CD behind us for a while, I want to focus over the next few months on what is undoubtedly the most toxic plastic on the planet: VINYL... or to give it its full name, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Unfortunately often the ‘right on’ people who want to save the planet from plastic (myself included) are in a lot of cases the same ‘right on’ people who espouse vinyl LP records, and the hellish, crude oil and chemical processes needed to realise them. Hey ho. I will refer to these products as ‘records’; the full name is actually phonograph record. Referring to them as ‘Vinyls’ is silly, as is referring to a CD as a ‘Polycarbonate Aluminium Sandwich’. So ‘records’ it is. This is an introduc

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